Robotics engineer and researcher

Robin Amsters

Robin Amsters-min

I am a PhD researcher at the Intelligent Mobile Platforms Research (IMP) group at KU Leuven. I currently work under the supervision of professors Peter Slaets, Eric Demeester and Nobby Stevens. The IMP group is a multi-disciplinary and multi-campus research group with a focus on the intelligent design and control of the mobile platforms of the future. Research topics include autonomous inland shipping, robots for health and indoor localization.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Engineering Technology from KU Leuven in July 2016. In Otober of that same year, I started my PhD research. Initially, I was awarded one year of internal funding from the university. In December of 2017, I was was awarded a strategic basic research grant by Flanders Research Foundation (FWO). Finally, my research could begin in earnest. In Oktober of 2021, I was awarded the title of Doctor in Engineering Technology.

Over the years I published in academic journals, spoke at conferences and engaged in different types of outreach. You can find more information about each of these items in this website. Additionally, you can learn more about projects I was involved in outside the scope of my research.

Currently, I work as a research associate at the KU Leuven. I assist on the SSAVE and CUMULUS research project. My current tasks are mostly focussed around analyzing and interpretting LIDAR data.